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A powerful online presence plays a significant role in keeping a healthy flow of clients coming to your business.

Complete company analysis

You invested a lot in online presence, but it is not driving sales? A complete company analysis can put an end to all your problems. Identify your weaknesses and strengths, and use that knowledge to determine the areas of improvement.

A thorough online presence audit will give you a clear snapshot of where you stand within your marketplace, thus building a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts. Analysing how you are seen online identifies any potential obstacles, determines the areas that need attention and helps you develop a more affective marketing plan. Based on the audit, we will be able to provide you with a list of recommendations to improve the return on your online investment.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We want to keep you in the loop and want you to be the part of the entire process of establishing goals for your online activity. We use tested tools, techniques and resources to provide you with the most accurate analysis of your business visibility, customer engagement and even competitors. Upon the completion of the audit, you will receive a full report with detailed, clear and practical recommendations as to what should be improved and how.

Ongoing performance strategy

Our reports will give you a precise idea of the areas that need improving in order to optimise your ongoing results.

Customised online presence analysis

We create, plan and manage online presence that is tailored to your company and bound to meet your corporate needs.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We offer a wide range of services, including keyword analysis, website structure analysis, social media analysis, customer auditing, competitor auditing, time analytics and in‐page analytics. We can also create “personas” to help you understand the needs of your target audience and develop customer‐oriented communications. Our analytics program include, among others, automated tasks, assisted conversions, event tracking, visitor flow, and custom filters, all of which are customised to your company's needs.


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