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An effective social media strategy is critical in growing your business, managing your social presence and engaging with your audience.

Having  a website for  your business is not  enough these days. More and  more  companies  recognise  the  importance  of  social  media marketing  sites  such  as  Twitter,  Instagram  or  Facebook. 

Social networking  has  been  proved  extremely  beneficial  in  growing  a business, because it allows you to promote your services across the world in an easy  and fast way, and it makes your  client  engaged in the development of your company.

“You need to build a relationship before you can sell” and social media sites are the best tool to do that.

Brand Monitoring

The way people perceive your business is what makes you successful or  not.  We  can  help  you  improve  your  reputation  and  make  you popular with existing and new clients.

Social Media Contests

Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest content can increase your traffic in a short period of time. Our experts can help you determine the most suitable type of content and platform for your brand.

Social Media Management

We  understand  you  are  busy  and  we  are  here  to  help.  We  will manage  your  social  media  accounts  on  your  behalf  and  will  make sure your customers know how to reach you.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We  will  create  and  customise  your  social  media  profile  so  that  it reflects the character of your business and attracts new readers with quality content and design.

Our social media specialists will help you identify your business objectives and your target audience, will create attractive content that is worth sharing, and will integrate your social media with other digital channels to create a powerful dialogue with your clients. We create only highly targeted social media marketing strategies that are tailored specifically to your brand and your product. We offer fully supported social campaigns, content planning, strategy, development, and creation, and our list of services is almost endless. We have wealth of experience creating graphics and processing images and photos to make your post as attractive as ever. That ‐ coupled with colour palette and fonts ‐ will create strong visual branding for your Facebook posts, making them more familiar to your audience. And whether you feel like your readers will benefit from two, four or six articles a week, we are up for the task.

We will also be happy to boost your post to promote a special event or offer, and we know how to use social media to get you more fans or grow your leads. Sounds like we can do a lot on you behalf, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, you will still be in control of what we do, how often and for how much. We will provide you with campaign reports so that you can see how the readers engage with your content. And if you still don’t understand something or you would like to discuss your campaign in details, just give us a shout and we will organise a teleconference or will meet you in person. Social Media Marketing is especially valued among small businesses, because it has become ever so critical to your ranking in search engines. “If social media and SEO fit together like peanut butter and jelly (if you don’t know, yes they do) then content is the bread that holds them together.” Let us put the ingredients together and make your campaign successful, attract new clients and win their trust.

You can choose from a variety of packages that will cater for different social media channels. With our Social Media Services you will connect with your audience on a personal level, which is a key ingredient of any successful business. Through sharing useful information, you will not only increase the awareness of your brand, services, and products, but you will also create an expert image that shows your experience and knowledge. You will see the results of Social Media advertising almost immediately in the number of comments, likes, shares, and re‐tweets. And once your content goes viral, you may expect a flood of new readers who will soon turn into buyers. Don’t be surprised. People use Social Media every day to chat with friends, catch up on news, share experiences, and find services they are looking for. That is why a successful campaign can easily get you the attention and recommendations you need. Don’t underestimate the power of social media platforms. Tell us about your project so that we can help you master Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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