Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
is a fast and easy way to drive traffic to your website. It offers instant results and it is highly measurable, which means you can improve your results any time by making regular adjustments.

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PPC Varieties

Gmail Advertising

Display and Text Ads

Dynamic Remarketing

Google Merchant

Dynamic Mobile Ads

Call Only Ads

Search Engine Advertisement

YouTube Ads


Google Display Network

Google Display Network encompasses over 2 million different websites and apps where we can display graphical and textual Google ads (formerly known as AdWords). According to a report by ComScore, the ad network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide! It’s potential you shouldn’t let go to waste. Thanks to the many options of ad targeting you can be sure that they’ll reach people who are actually interested in your offer but are not yet at the same shopping level as search engine users.

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Where do ads display?


AdSense publisher websites


DoubleClick and Exchange publisher websites


Google websites, i.e. Google Finance, YouTube, etc.


Web dev infographics

Have you ever entered a brand’s website and later saw ads with their logo follow you everywhere? That’s not an accident. This is a type of campaign that lets you reach users that visited your website in the past once again.

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Dynamic Remarketing

Have you ever thought about the perfect ad? What should it be like? Dynamic remarketing will most likely meet all of the criteria you mention.

What is dynamic remarketing?

Classic remarketing enables the tracking of users that have visited your website. Dynamic remarketing involves a lot more, including displaying exactly the products they’d been viewing in the ads.

Benefits of dynamic remarketing:

  • Ads finely tuned to the needs of the users – it’s hard to ask for more precise targeting
  • Displaying ads in the Google Display Network
  • We are effectively combining all search sources of traffic to get you best results
  • Effective ad layouts – Google dynamically composes the layout of the ad being presented based on effectiveness data
  • Comprehensive promotion of a shop’s products

Remarketing Benefits

You can configure your remarketing lists

need to reach clients who have abandoned their cart? You can make sure they’ll be reminded!


you can limit the ad views for a single user. In order for the ad to resonate in a positive way with the user, it can’t be forceful. Many people associate remarketing ads with something very intrusive – it doesn’t have to be that way!

Wide ad range

currently, the Google Ads system supports 16 different ad banner formats, as well as text ads that can be displayed on millions of websites around the world.

Facebook Ads

Get attention exactly where your potential clients are. Facebook Ads allow you to post ads directly on Facebook News Feeds, as well as in the right-hand section of the desktop view. You can take full advantage of the connectivity that comes with facebook, as ads get spread via friend connections, making it easier for brand awareness to spread.

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YouTube Video Ads

Did you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, right after Google? Did you know that you can use it to display your company’s video ad? You can achieve all this with Google Ads (AdWords).

Where can my video ads be displayed?


TrueView video ads

With this type of ad, you only pay for the views and interactions. There are two types of TrueView ads: In-Stream and Discovery. Benefits are wide reach for the ads, payment for views and interaction only and advanced ad-targeting capabilities.



In-Stream TrueView Ads

These ads display before, during, or after videos. The ad can be skipped after five seconds of viewing. Payment only applies after the whole clip is viewed or interacted with (e.g. by clicking).



TrueView Discovery Video Ads

TrueView Discovery Ads can display in Youtube search results, right next to related Youtube videos, as well as on the main page of the Youtube mobile website. The ad contains text and a thumbnail from the video extracted by the system. You only pay when the viewer watches the video or clicks the thumbnail.

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