Local SEO is, without a doubt, the best option for companies that operate locally, as well as for larger enterprises with many local branches. These types of businesses may differ drastically in their needs and their revenue, but they can both benefit greatly from local SEO, as it’s what will get them the best kind of attention.

Local SEO is essential, as nowadays people are far more prone to make local purchases

The process doesn’t involve keyword research to such an extent as it did in the past, because Google can determine the user’s location by default and choose results that are relevant to their location. Additionally, Google can predict user intent using their previous searches as a basis, all in order to further refine the process. Local search results also differ from global results in that they take Google Maps results into account.

Local SEO in numbers

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Of local searches result in contact with the company

Of people pick up a product bought online from a local store

Of all searches are local searches

Of users look for local companies at least once a week

Why should you consider local SEO?


While local SEO is the perfect solution for SME’s that operate within a town or borough, it can also be used by larger companies operating on a nationwide level to great effect.

You won’t be rushing to search for “yellow Nylon Vietnamese Socks”, but “Vietnamese restaurant Ealing” sounds much more like something you’d look up, doesn’t it?

SEO in the UK

Neadoo Digital specialises in promoting websites both in the UK, as well as internationally – we speak 12 languages.

Throughout the years, we’ve honed our skills and are currently one of the top SEO teams, considered by our clients one of the best in the UK.

We set our first steps on the British market in 2010, which helped us get all the experience through Google Updates. With our in-depth knowledge of UK SEO rules, as well as customer and partner expectations, we are a specialist you can trust.

Our achievements are backed by a rich portfolio of clients from the UK, as well as from other areas of the world.

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