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SEO Press Review #1


Let the press review’s begin!

As always, Google is driving news related to SEO, and the rest of us have to keep up. Some of these articles are vital in understanding the new prospects that exist thanks to Google’s new services and platforms. Aside from google, we have a few articles that go over SEO strategies that could help anyone working in the field. Here are our favourite

#1. Social Media Trends

The social media landscape is ever-changing and volatile – if you want to effectively utilize social media for marketing, you must learn about the trends and how to effectively work with them in mind.
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#2. Email Outreach Tips

Email outreaching is one of the most vital aspects of link-building. Learning how to craft your emails better, making them more persuasive, and appearing more appealing will go a long way in your outreach strategy.
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#3. Page speed factor made the web faster

As predicted by basic economics, Google rewarding faster websites by ranking them higher has incentivized the web to develop faster websites.
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#4. No. 1 rank is overrated

Perhaps it is human nature that makes us focus on being the best; perhaps not. But what the research makes evident is the fact blind pursuit of ranking #1 in Search Engines is not always the most effective strategy.
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#5. Google tests AR for Google Maps

Google recently invited a select member of journalists and tech people to test the new Augment Reality function of Google Maps. As the top navigation platform in the world, this will inevitably impact how we do SEO.  
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#6. Best techniques for backlink building

Backlink building is one of the cornerstones of any effective SEO strategy. This articles shows 6 techniques we can use to most effectively build backlinks.
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#7. How to use Google Dataset Search for SEO?

Most industries now are data-heavy thanks to the recent explosion of ML and NN. With Google releasing their new Google Dataset Search Engine, we can expect it to be a new battleground for data-heavy blogs and companies to fight for higher positions.
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#8. “rel=prev/next” is dead. What does that mean for SEO?

“rel=prev/next” was a way to tell the search engines if a particular page or article was part of a series or not. Google hasn’t support it for years now, but it forgot to mention it. You shouldn’t remove it from websites because Bing still supports it, and it doesn’t have any negative side effects.
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#9. How to conduct a content migration?

Migrating to a new site is essential in rebranding and signaling a shift in your business. One of the hard questions you’ll face is which pages do I need to migrate to the new website and which pages don’t provide any values. Here are a few metrics that’ll help you decide:

  1. Traffic
  2. Keywords
  3. Page 1 Keywords
  4. Inbound Links (how many links point to this content)
  5. Conversions (how many sales occur as a result of people landing on this page)

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These were an interesting selection of articles ranging from high-level common SEO knowledge to more nitty-gritty detailed posts that can cause a headache. The variety of the links is healthy and ensures each of us can find some relevant information.
What are your favourite articles? 

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