SEO Press Review Neadoo 15

SEO Press Review #15

This week’s press review focuses on the different factors that go into making a truly successful SEO campaign that might even make the product/website you’re promoting go viral. While most SEOs are well familiar with the basics and know how to get a website off the ground and increase its ranking, most people don’t know the small details and the studies showing the inner workings of the search algorithms. It is these small things that add up to make a truly successful SEO campaign.


1. Is CTR A Ranking Factor?

CTR (click-through-rate) measures the percentage of people who click on a specific ad on a page – usually, a higher CRT means a more engaging ad and a webpage that presents the ad better. While Google has conclusively and repeatedly said they don’t take this stat into account while ranking pages, due to various issues it presents. A lot of data-driven research done by independent SEOs shows this isn’t entirely true, and it is possible that CTR data influences ranking one way or another. This article analyzes the literature and tries to come as close as possible determining the real influence of CTRs.

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2. On-page SEO for NLP

Most search engine algorithms use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and determine the quality of the text on web pages. Recently, these algorithms have been getting better and better, and they can even detect grammatical errors and spamming behaviour and demote pages engaging in it.

Optimizing your article for human readers is fairly straightforward – you have reasonable expectations regarding what your readers expect, and you can tailor your content to those expectations to a degree. Optimizing your page for NLP is much more unintuitive, however, you need deep knowledge of the algorithm and how it works. This article is a good premier on the subject.

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3. 8 Actionable Ways To Find Anyone’s Email Address

Finding a blogger’s or webmaster’s email address is extremely important if you want to do successful SEO today. It is important if you want to do email outreaching and have your website featured, it is important if you want to write guest posts about your products on other blogs, or coordinate some deal with an influential website.

However, contacting people through their website’s public email isn’t very effective – it is likely that email is getting constantly spammed, and you don’t even get your email read. That’s why this article gives you 8 ways you can use to acquire the email of the blogger or the webmaster.

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4. Don’t Make Your Focus Keywords Too Long

When learning SEO, the first thing every SEM learns is that keywords shouldn’t be too broad and targetting long keywords is the best long-term strategy. While that’s still broadly true, there is more to SEO than just selecting long keywords. This guideline might hamper your decision-making process instead of helping it in some situations.

This article goes in-depth into the right length of keywords, the common downfalls when someone selects a keyword, and some data-driven ways you can check the quality of the keyword you’ve selected.

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5. How to Craft Great Page Titles for SEO

The page title isn’t only the first thing users see on search engine result pages, but it is also a determining factor of your SERP ranking. In recent years, search engine algorithms analyze the title and the content more thoroughly to determine the quality of the piece, and that’s why choosing the right title is more important than ever.

This article is a comprehensive guide to choosing a title. It analyzes every aspect of creating a title – from how you code it, to its length, and the word-choice. It is paramount to give it a read if you want to craft exciting titles that will drive traffic and get you higher ranks in SERPs.

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6. The ABCs of Video Content: How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Studies show that video content results in the most amount of engagement and gets shared around the most. With YouTube occupying the second rank in the whole world in terms of engagement and times-spent-browsing, this trend seems to be here to stay. If you want to execute a high-budget and successful marketing campaign, you can’t ignore video content.

The problem, however, is that video production might seem extremely daunting and inexplicable for people who don’t have experience creating that sort of content. Most SEMs ignore video content because they think it is beyond their capabilities, but looking beyond the surface, you’ll actually find it is quite easy. This article is an excellent premier that will tell you all you need to know to start creating videos to promote your products.

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7. Google Announces Featured Snippets Update

Featured snippets take the front and centre when you search for a keyword – it is the most important position on a page, and, naturally, a lot of SEO techniques revolve around getting a page to that position. The increase in organic traffic is measurable when the keyword has reasonable traffic.

That’s why a lot of SEOs immediately started revising their strategies when Google announced they’re making a change to their search algorithm, especially in regards to featured snippets. They’ve noticed that some of the snippets are out-of-date and no longer present relevant information to the users. The new changes aim to demote these pages and promote pages that are regularly updated and present up-to-date information to the user.

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This concludes this week’s press review. You should pay special attention to what happens to Google’s featured snippets, as they are an important part of SEO. You should also follow up on how to successfully integrate video production into your campaigns – it seems to be something that’ll only become more important. ogical landscape.

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