seo press review 4

SEO Press Review #4


This week was slow in SEO news, and that’s why we think it is a good time to look back and reflect on SEO as a field. It’s not always good to get lost in today’s headlines, and sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We chose these articles with that theme in mind.

Four Excellent Case Studies of Structured Data for SEO

When a new feature gets introduced, there’s usually a lot of hype and sensational headlines on the blogosphere. This obfuscates the true impact of the feature and causes unsuspecting SEOs to put extra unnecessary emphasis on it. The introduction of structured data and the new search engine Search Database was the blogosphere’s darling for much of 2018, but how impactful was it really? This article answers the questions with facts and data.

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7 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Every Startup

The business landscape is becoming more competitive each year, and startups hoping to enter the market need all the advantages they can get. That’s why startups have traditionally adopted new technologies and techniques much faster than traditional businesses. This article does a good job of showing the plethora of advantages SEO can bring to a startup, and why startups are a crucial section of the SEO market.

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Winter Is Coming: SEO During Economic Downturns

The economies in Europe have been relatively stable in the last few years, and the outlook has been mostly positive, but we shouldn’t expect that to continue forever. Especially with the uncertainty that Brexit is bringing to the EU, we should know how SEO functions when the economy is contracting. This article talks about that exact scenario.

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SEO guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for more connections, better leads

LinkedIn is still the leading platform for business connections, job seeking, and following leaders of industries. The problem is that LinkedIn is very different from traditional social media websites and search engines. Approaching it requires a different mindset, new techniques, and ingenuity. This article is a good primer on the world of applying SEO techniques to LinkedIn.

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How Do Some Banner Ads Follow Me from Site to Site?

Spending any amount of time on the internet should alert you to the fact that some ads follow you around. You click on a website, then, for the next couple of days, you see ads from that website all over the internet. This is called ad remarketing, a growing marketing strategy that’s proven its success. This article goes more in-depth into the strategy and how companies effectively use it.

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15 Stunning Interactive and Animated Infographics (and What You Can Learn From Them)

Infographics consistently rank among the most popular types of content on the internet (only behind videos), and this trend seems to be continuing. This article lists 15 widely successful infographics and discusses them. An excellent case study which sheds some light on what makes an infographic successful and how we can create infographics that emulate their success.

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Gamification: Here Comes a New Challenger

Gamification refers to the practice of using gaming design, techniques, technologies, and architecture to engage users. It’s already seeing considerable success in some fields like Education. This article explores the gamification concepts and techniques and talks about possible pathways to applying it to SEO. User engagement is one of the most important SEO criteria, and Gamification is all about user engagement. This article mixing the two concepts is a very interesting read.

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These 7 articles each discuss a specific aspect of SEO, which makes for an informative and enjoyable read. SEO holds a lot of promise, and it’s good to learn about the trends affecting it.

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