seo press review 6

SEO Press Review #6

Just last week, the Google I/O happened, and with it, the SEO sphere got to work on dissecting and analyzing what Google’s announcements might mean for the industry at large. Half of the articles focus on this event, while the latter part of the press review focuses on news, tutorials, and analyses from other parts of the industry.

Google I/O 2019 event in 13 minutes

Google I/O is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world. Every year, thousands of developers and industry leaders come together for a conference that displays the cutting edge tech Google is working on. This conference has ramifications for many markets in the tech world, from mobile app markets to SEO. This video gives you the highlights of the event.
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The New Evergreen Googlebot

Google announced a new internet crawler. A crawler is responsible for analyzing your website and adding it to the Google database. The main issue with the previous crawler was that it had an old rendering engine that didn’t support many new JS features, which lead to developers using polyfills specifically to circumvent this limitation and rank higher. Thankfully, the new bot uses the latest Chromium renderer, and Google plans to update it regularly.
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Evergreen Content: What It Is, Why You Need It and How to Create It

Supporting the latest JS features isn’t the only thing the new Evergreen bot has brought us, there’s a lot of new changes. This article talks about those changes from an SEO perspective and tells you how you can tailor content to the new updates.
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Google Shows Off the New Speed Report Coming to Search Console

Page speed has been an important criterion to determine a page’s ranking for quite some time now. Pagespeed Insights was the primary tool you could use to determine how fast your page is and what’s wrong with it. It displayed important issues you needed to fix, and overall, it was quite useful to developers. However, this doesn’t change the fact it was widely inadequate to tackle the ever more pervasive use of webpages and the internet in our daily life. That’s why Google Released a new version in the hopes of making it more relevant and useful to developers and SEOs. Read the article to learn more.
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Google teases Google Ads app, Local campaigns announcements ahead of Google Marketing Live next week

In a series of new tech rollouts related to marketing and ads, Google focused intensively on two key areas:

  • It’s Google Ads mobile app that lets you manage your campaigns on the go and over the phone. This is a direct effort to let customers have more flexibility over their campaign and how they go about it.
  • Local Champaigns has been on Google’s mind recently – not only they’ve released a few updates that make targetting local clients easier, but they’ve also updated Google Maps to display ads more prominently.

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Google Is Finally Copying Apple’s Approach to Privacy

Consumers are becoming more aware of how their data is used for economic and political gains due to the recent scandals, and Google knows it needs to put some serious effort over how it handles user data. The company has been known to not hold back when it comes to user data: analyzing it, sharing it, and profiting from it as they wish. But, this is starting to change as Google tries to push some new tech that relies less on your data and doesn’t share it with the central servers.
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Ahrefs Site Audit: 12 Useful Features You Might Have Missed

Ahrefs is a leading provider of SEO tools on the market, and many agencies use their tools to great success. Site Audit helps you analyze your website systematically and provides you with key areas you can improve on. Think about it as a much more advanced PageSpeed Insight. This article goes in-depth into its features and how they might benefit you.
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If you’re not remarketing keywords, you’re missing out

SEO techniques are getting more complicated and just looking for good keywords isn’t enough anymore. Especially since the CPC algorithms are getting more complicated, you need more sophisticated techniques to minimize costs and maximize profits. Keyword remarketing is one such technique – this article goes in-depth into this technique and how to make the best use of it.
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The evolution of SEO and the shift from point solutions to the platform

SEO is everchanging – while most of the changes in SEO are reactive, in the sense that it reacts to changes made by Google and Microsoft to their search engines, but as SEO matures, there are some clear trends. One of those trends is moving away from point solutions, which means only focusing on one issue on a vacuum without tackling things systematically. Platform solutions are becoming more popular – platforms that provide a lot of tools that allow you to tackle SEO problems on all fronts.
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What defines high-quality links in 2019 and how to get them?

We all know how important is linking to get a high ranking link on a search page, but how do we decide how important is a backlink? There are some traditional metrics like site authority and site visits, which gives you a good idea about the importance of the link. But, are those simple metrics enough to effectively approach link building? Are there other metrics and approaches you can use to be more effective? This article tackles these two questions.
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Google Ads Reports Can Now Be Downloaded in Sheets – Pros & Cons

Google Ads Reports are extremely important reports that tell you how well your ad campaign has fared. It gives you key data on who’s clicked on your ads, the demographics, the locations, etc. These can be used to iteratively improve your ads and strategy to tailor it to the demographic you want. However, if you have a lot of campaigns, it is extremely hard to analyze the data and get useful insights. Well, not anymore, because Google now lets you download these reports and analyze them easily with specific algorithms. You can use this feature to speed up your work cycle and increase your accuracy and efficiency.
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A digital marketing strategy guide for B2B industrial manufacturers

The industrial sector isn’t tech-heavy, and while most other businesses have started adopting SEO practices on a large scale, the industrial sector is just starting to enter the market. That’s why it’s important to know how to approach them and market to them because they might become an important niche that could help SEO agencies grow that can capitalize on the opportunity.
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This week was particularly busy due to all the new releases. Due to the increasing market share of Google’s search engine, any change to it might make or break entire SEO agencies. That’s why we need to carefully analyze every small change that Google makes, in hopes to adapt to it, and if we’re lucky, to capitalize on it to increase growth. That’s why the press review focused on stories from Google and about Google first and foremost.

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